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Property Province is a source of property sales and rental advice and information. When the economy is turbulent and the direction of the housing market is uncertain, it is important to make the best of housing assets. We will give you advice and tips on selling property and offering property for rent or to let. We also have tips for tenants who rent property. These tenants include families and students.

News feature: Tenant steals property contents . . .

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Shopping Directory

Property to let requires maintenance, and we have provided an online shopping directory to enable you to shop for DIY tools and building materials.

Student Accommodation

This is especially useful at this time when students are looking property for the first semester at university. Student accommodation can be difficult to find at a good price, so a look through our site should provide some good buy to let property rental options.

Buy To Let Property

NEW - Tenant theft. What happens when a tenant runs off with the contents of your house? Read this account of one landlord's tenant theft experiences and learn a little more about how to look after your property contents. Tenant theft . . .


The property market has changed in recent years, and whereas most people once aspired to owning their own home the growing trend now is for those who can afford it to own a second home. Once you own a second home, it seems a small step to owning a portfolio of homes. This is how the buy-to-let market has grown. The emergence of a sizeable number of people with cash for a mortgage deposit has coincided with a lack of certainty in pensions. It's good to keep your options open when planning your future and retirement. We provide information and advice on buy-to-let property.

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