Florida property sales.

Florida Property in Orlando

Florida properties for saleBuying a Florida villa is a dream for many. You may have stayed in a luxury villa in Orlando on holiday and wondered who owned it? A brief enquiry will show you that many of the villas in Orlando are owned by people from the UK. Some of the villas for sale are bought by the rich who buy several villas as an investment. Many more are bought by individuals who realised that a Florida villa needn't cost the earth, and you will get much better value for your money in Florida than at home.

How can I afford a Florida villa?

Before you drop the idea of owning a Florida villa, consider the following points:

The costs of owning a Florida villa are not as prohibitive as you might at first assume.

How can I look after a villa in Orlando?

Orlando Florida property for saleThe good news is that you don't have to. You employ a management company to look after your villa for you. They will organise cleaning after each set of visitors have left, carry out repairs, look after on-going maintenance such as grass cutting, provide keys for visitors, and generally provide a 'concierge service for villas'. An important aspect of the management company contribution is to find people to rent your villa. Their role here is essentially as a safety net in that while they will provide clients from their relationship with the large tour operators, you will have a greater income if you let the villa out yourself.

How can you help me buy a Florida villa?

We have offices in the UK and at Orlando Florida, and can hold your hand throughout the process. When we find out what your requirements are we can advise you as to the best developments in which to look for Florida property. An important part of the process will be an inspection trip where we will take you to the developments and show you the options available. You will be shown around the villas by the folks in our Orlando office who will be able to answer your queries as they arise. We can ensure you get the financial advice you need, and can advise on basic tasks like opening a Florida bank account.