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Why are there three steps? These steps are an elementary guide that will allow you to earn decent money in all these online casinos that promise great things. If you’re wondering why there are only three steps, the answer is very simple: nothing happens in two steps, and four seem too tedious to do it! Just follow these steps and you won’t need anything else to succeed. There are no complicated mathematical equations that need to be solved, nor exceptional observation skills; These rules are designed to instill common sense that people often forget when they participate in a game.

Step one:

Select a casino and accept what they have to offer. It is very important to understand that the casinos are waiting for you to come and lose them in order to make a profit, so they offer huge incentives, such as doubling your deposit and giving you a better hand at first glance, except blindly, because this is the key to winning. a lot of money If you have clear priorities, you can make money casino generously, and then leave everything that they have to offer.

make money casino generously

Step two:

Use the ten percent method as if your life depended on it. The template is very necessary when you are a player, because otherwise you start to spoil everything and eventually lose a lot of money. The problem with all players is that when they do something, they put everything on the next hand, and if they start losing, they continue to bet, as long as they have no hope. The ten percent method is very simple and effective. If you master this, then you can bet much better than ever. The method is as follows: enter the period of rates, the amount of which is only ten percent of your total income in the bankroll. And then put the amount that is ten percent of the amount of your betting period. Thus, winning will not be very important for each hand, but it will be stable, and if you lose something, it will not hurt you.

The third step:

Profit markers and the art of extracting money. After all is said and done, the most important thing is the art of eradicating the temptations of your heart and using profit markers at the right time. Always keep your market low so you can reach it. For the most part, all players hold 80% of their total earnings. What cannot be achieved, and therefore, ultimately you give your money to the casino, the ideal way to use these markers is to set 25%.


You may think that it is much less, but always keep in mind that you cannot be rich at any moment. It requires skills and a better understanding of the online casino singapore game to master it. Although these three steps are stones of success, the rest of the sky is the limit.